Spring Clean

April 17th- May 7th

Why Cleanse?

It is more positively accepted in our society to tell someone that you’re going binge drinking for your birthday than it is to tell someone you’re going to do a cleanse. We are significantly more attached and comforted by our eating habits than we care to admit. Just like you change your car’s oil, your britta water filter, wash your sheets, your clothes, your hair; it’s even more imperative to clean and reset your insides. There are a lot of different cleanses out there, ranging from far too extreme with little to no lasting affects, to helpful but not fully beneficial, to generating whole body wellness.

I never thought it was necessary to cleanse because I was a “healthy” eater. I was also hypoglycemic which I thought was just a medical condition I’d have for the rest of my life. I couldn’t go 3 hours without eating something or else my mental and physical body would shut down. After my first experience with the The Clean Program, without expectation, my hypoglycemia was gone. What happens is our bodies are forced to make compromises to stay efficient, and by returning our organs and glands to a state of balance and clarity, we give our brains and bodies the ability to function properly.

***You do not need to purchase the shakes advertised on The Clean Program website. They are there for people who want to spend money and feel like they’re getting a product.

Some other positive side affects of the cleanse have included:
  • reduction of stress
  • reduction of acne
  • reduction of asthma
  • more restful sleep
  • more energy
  • mental clarity
  • more endurance
  • eliminate toxic water retention
  • proper digestion
  • promotes weight loss

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Relax, we’re not starving ourselves

The Clean Program consists of:

  • a liquid breakfast, a solid lunch, a liquid dinner
  • elimination of dairy, wheat, soy, caffeine, alchohol
  • subtracting a few fruits and vegetables and meats
  • adding a few supplements to your daily nutrition
  • snack as you need




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