Poyntelle, PA

September 1-4

Rian Bodner • Shawna Emerick • Hannah Gruber
Jarrod Mayer • Eric Stoneberg

Travel to the heart of the Pennsylvania Countryside for a 4 day long getaway to renew, relax, and replenish your belly & soul. You are invited to immerse yourself in a summer camp style retreat and indulge in yoga, farm to table meals, sacred sound bath, and shamanic meditation.


*Ticket cost includes round trip transportation from a NYC location tbd

Daily Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga
Sound Healing
Shamanic meditation
Lakeside swimming & kayaking
Morning sadhana
Farm to table meals
Live music
*Thai Massage & reiki available

The Facilitators

Rian Bodner

Camp Director

Rian is known for creating integrated and intelligently sequenced experiences combining asana, dynamic breathing, meditation, and sound, to energize, align, and heal the total self.

Rian is a 500 hour ERYT yoga teacher, in Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga. Having trained with Guru Dharam/ Siri Sat, Sonic Yoga and Yogamaya, assisted Elena Brower, and strongly influenced by the methodology of Katonah Yoga. Rian’s teaching is “skilled, sensitive, and strong.” His work has also been called “impeccable, heartfelt, and accurate”.

Shawna Emerick

Yoga & Thai Massage

Shawna’s yoga classes are exciting and dynamic, offering you the freedom to really ‘listen’ to your own practice while being guided safely with a deep breath foundation, and often an inspirational quote! She speaks to the structure of each pose and transition with focus on the balance between anatomical alignment and the beauty of the body’s natural flow and desires! At times Shawna will incorporate mudra, mantra, pranayama, philosophy, and will always offer a sacred space in which to explore all things revealed and created in the practice. In 2012, Shawna became a Coaching for Transformation trained Life Coach. Whether it is Yoga, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Life Coaching, or Reiki, Shawna offers a firm foundation for personal transformation.

Hannah Gruber

Head Chef

A specialist in helping New Yorkers learn self-care, Hannah’s yoga classes, food and practical tools for daily living have helped many people find balance and be prepared to handle the variety of challenges that life provides. Hannah is an Ayurvedic Holistic Health Counselor, yoga teacher trained in Anusara yoga and Yogahour®, and Reiki practitioner. Hannah is also a wildly creative private chef, featured on the Food Network and cooking up wholesome and absurdly delicious meals seasonally at FarmToYoga, Seven Arrows Farm, and many other yoga retreats annually. Her distinct and playful approach to life will win your heart and inspire your own practice.

Jarrod Mayer

Sound Healing & Kundalini

Jarrod (Taranjot Singh) Mayer is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Brooklyn based musician/artist. His music is a reflection of his inner vision and experience through Kundalini and survival arts. His music is a meditation in itself where others join in unconsciously, bringing listeners into a single state where the experience is shared and group consciousness expanded.

Jarrod has studied with master survivalist Tom Brown Jr. in the pine barrens of south New Jersey and believes a connection with the earth and nature is essential to expanding within the infinite. The earths magic is in plain sight yet we must expand our consciousness and awareness to look beyond what we see and read the language of the earth.

Eric Stoneberg

Shamanic Meditation & Yoga

Eric leads popular telecourses on a wide variety of topics called Tantric Yoga Vision Quest and has cultivated a community of fellow Seekers from all over the planet. His classes and personal practice are deeply inspired by his dedicated study of Rajanaka Tantra, a shakta (goddess) lineage of Sri Vidya – or Auspicious Wisdom, as elucidated by Douglas Brooks.For many years he has been an avid student and practitioner of the indigenous Shamanic traditions of Andean Peru... and beyond. He liberally weaves the magic he's discovered in South America with the ancient goddess wisdom of South India. In addition to classes and loyal private clientele, Eric leads local and international retreats.

The Location

What to Bring

Light jacket
Bath towel & Swimming towel
Yoga Mat & Props
Hiking shoes
Caddy for toiletries
Flip flops
*Sheets/ Pillows/ Pillowcases can be brought or provided for $10


What are the times of departure & arrival?

We will depart NYC at 11am on Sept 1st and depart camp on Monday Sept 4th at 2pm. Camp is approximately 2.5 hours from New York.

What is not allowed at camp?

Drugs and alcohol are not permitted within the camp limits. We are a creating an elevated and conscious space to spend quality time with yourself and others.

Do I have to participate in all activities?

We encourage you to take time and participate in anything that inspires you, whether that’s a group activity or spending time on your own.

How do I book a massage/ healing?

We will provide a signup closer to the retreat time. You may sign up in advance or when you get to camp. Payment can be made at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Do I have to take the bus?

You are free to provide your own transportation if that feels right for you, or if the bus times do not align with your availability.  There is a bus from Port Authority that can drop you off 20 minutes from camp where we can pick you up. Please note that the cost of transportation is built into the retreat therefore a discount cannot be offered if you opt out.