“I first started to practice yoga for the body and life I wish I had. Now I practice to feel good in the body and life I already posses.”

My goal as a teacher is to support integrity, fearlessness, and truth; all to serve your heart and your relationships. This dynamic work will enable you to better empathize with your hearts, laugh while facing adversity, and activate your dreams into reality.

Rian is the director of Illumina East Yoga & Meditation center in East Village, NY. A 500 hour ERYT yoga teacher, in Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga. Who’s teachers include Guru Dharam, Siri Sat, Sonic Yoga, Yogamaya, Johanna Bell, Elena Brower, Katonah Yoga (Abby Galvin). Rian’s teaching is “skilled, sensitive, and strong.” His work has also been called “impeccable, heartfelt, and accurate”.

Rian is known for creating integrated experiences of intelligently sequenced asana combined with dynamic breathing, meditation, and sound, to energize, align, and heal the total self.

There is only one body type made for the practice of yoga; the human body. So if you happen to possess one of these, all that is needed to allow yourself this opening is simply choosing to show up.

“May we work to co-create a community that recognizes the value of connection. The lasting effects of stability and steadfastness. Through the unexpected, through change, through evolution, bonded together by joy, ease, hospitality, selflessness, compassion, and laughter.”

As well as a yoga instructor he is also a graphic/ web designer.

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