There is a fraudulence that yoga offers that can leave practitioners disappointed, restless, even distressed after they’ve been practicing for some time.  Most likely within our first few impressions of yoga, there was some promise or even experience of calm, center or balance that came to our lives.  Perhaps for the first few classes or maybe even first few years this was true, you were introduced to a brand new set of tools which had begun to enrich our lives in unimaginable ways.  There were situations and relationships that felt softer or stronger or more manageable, and there was a general well being that had maybe not been noticeable before.  But as we begin to sort through our life with this new tool set, and desire and cultivate this calm and collected demeanor, it might seem as if we begin to push away a lot of what we deem to be “negative” energy, situations and people.  The more you practice, you might wonder why it is you have to continually deal with this contrast.  You thought you cleared out all the bad Juju, all the cobwebs demon and  skeletons are gone, why can’t life be full of your desires manifested?  Were is this better life I was promised?? Why am I presented STILL after all this time, with the opposite of what I desire?

There will, in no point in time, be a moment were there is no contrast present.  If we felt continually content with what was around us we would become arrogant, lazy, selfish and disconnected from the world, no scope with which to feel compassion or empathy.  As hard as we try to push these experiences and people away, they will always be a part of our experience.  Yoga is not the means in which to denounce anything that makes us feel vulnerable or agitated, but it gives us the tools to deal with whatever comes our way.  Love whatever comes our way.  We can begin to see the contrast from what we desire as a means to actually focus and clarify and desire in a more amplified way.  Contrast keeps us humble, lucid, eager and expansive.  This is how we grow, this is how we dream, this is how we  learn to deliver.  Even in the most contracted of situations we have the blessing of being able to thank the contrast for allowing our vision to focus in more clearly on exactly what we DO want.  That kind of gratitude will lift mountains.