As organic beings, we are either in tune with the ebb and flow of the earth or we are fighting against it.  We feel so incensed when we wake up to discover a parade of ants making their way into our cereal box, or when a rock flies up and hits the windshield.  Let’s regain a sense of the bigger picture.  As inhabitants of our beautiful planet, we forget that our tiny slice of reality is not as big as we think it is.   Not a single picture taken of our planet from space reflects even the tiniest notion that we exist; it’s not all about us.  And yet, it is.  It is us.  We are a part of that wholeness.  In fact, there is nothing BUT that wholeness in our lives.  It is not our job to try and find or maintain our own stability, but to recognize that it is already the quintessence of our nature.  We are held by the earth, literally.  Gravity has never once slighted anyone.  We are rooted to this place and the fullness it provides.  Whenever we have feelings of isolation or separation, It is our responsibility to remember that we are forever grounded in the fullness that inescapably exists in every moment.

It is built into our society to believe that we are constantly without.  It’s how capitalism and consumerism works.  We are made to feel disconnected so that we can connect again by buying.  If we believed we already had everything we needed, no one would buy anything.  By looking deeper, and feeling that fullness surrounding us at every moment, we are never without.  Every molecule surrounding us is not emptiness or space.  It is equally as full as our bodies and the trees and the ocean.  Air, trees, rocks, clouds, people, are all made up of the same molecules.  There is not an atom in our lives that isn’t perfectly in place.  By recognizing that fullness and witnessing it in every moment, we begin to acknowledge our part in the collective process of the universe.  That fullness will guide us, it will protect us, and it will nurture us.  There is nothing lacking in the earth, nor in our lives.  Our glass is neither half empty or half full.  It is always surrounded by fullness, we are the ones who have to have the humility to change our perspectives in order to recognize the truth.

Practicing true humility means giving up the luxury of worrying about yourself” – Elena Brower