Thank you for our conversation today.  It’s one thing to use this practice to simply ride the waves of blissfulness as we enter savasana at the end of class, or really use this time to look at ourselves and how we can create more space inside to be better lovers.  Not “Lovers”, but lovers of all beings, FIRST of which being ourselves.  When giving or loving feels tight and constricted it is an opportunity to notice how we are not receiving.  Take a moment to feel yourself receiving that love and in a knee-jerk reaction it will then come spilling out of you tenfold.

Hare’s Rapture-Jai Uttal

om namo bhagavate vasudevaya- Govindas and Radha

Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya is known as a Mukti, or liberation, Mantra. It is a potent spiritual formula for attaining freedom. Consistent use of this mantra will eventually, even if over many incarnations, free us from the cycles of rebirth. In this way it mitigates Karma so we are free to make true choices in our lives. True choices, not simply reacting to desire and aversion.

Om is a seed sound for the sixth, or brow, chakra and is the name of the state of existence in which the Indweller (jiva, atman, or soul) has united with the spirit of the all-pervading consciousness.

Namo here means name.

Bhagavate is one who is becoming divine.

Vasudevaya is “the Indweller”.

A ‘fairly’ literal translation would be: “Om and salutations to the Indwelling One, substance of the Divine.”