Anyone who steps foot into a yoga class for the first time has either left feeling warm and tingly from realigning and releasing, or run screaming from the studio having no idea how much they’re holding onto inside themselves.
After moving past the sanskrit, the falling onto your neighbor, the feeling like The Hunchback of Notre Dame, it’s easy to fall into the category of fair weather yogi.  Go to yoga to feel de-stressed, detoxed and detoured.  Stroll around with a yoga mat and a smug 70-degree-partly-cloudy grin which says, “I feel better, shouldn’t you?”.  We’ve dust-busted away all the bad little bits of anger and stress and returned to our pleasant neutral selves.  There comes a time when we must transcend this personal bliss and begin to emanate something more than “peace” or “perseverance”.  I’m just going to throw the big one out there; unconditional love.  To not take this on is like having a home which you keep immaculately groomed and beautiful and never invite anyone over to share and enjoy with you.  To spend day after day designing and dusting and shining, all so you can walk around and say “ah it’s so clean and perfect in my home”.  I had a good friend once tell me they didn’t like practicing at a certain studio because of it’s location on one of the busiest streets of New York.  Leaving the studio, the outside world felt like it permeated into all the peace they had just spent the past hour and a half cultivating.  This puts us head to head with our real task, this is where the real yoga class begins.
The true gift of our practice is received only in the sharing of our cultivated love; only then will it come back to us.  This is the real strength found in the practice of yoga.  After all we have overcome and all the peace we have found inside ourselves, by ourselves, we must offer it freely back into the world.  It mustn’t be treated as something so fragile or fleeting.  The stronger and more gracious you are with it, the deeper your roots grow, the more abundant it becomes.
We can become consumed with action driven merely by thought, or desire, or emotion.  But instead we must learn to be led by our hearts, disassociated from action and outcome.  Our actions are then manifested from our hearts.  This is what moves us forward, this is what gives us the courage to discover the hidden spaces inside of ourselves.  We CAN be guided in this way.  The scarier, the uglier, the nastier it becomes, the more  courage it will take.  But it is what moves us into a greater state of awareness of ourselves and creates greater opening.
Instead of living in this unscathed sanctuary, I give you the task of throwing the biggest party you’ve ever had.  Or invite at least one person into your home in the next week.  For dinner, for coffee,  or just to give your neighbor a book you wanted them to have.  Share what you have.  Offer up your unconditional love.  Do not save it for just yourself, your mother, your wife, your baby, your friend, or for when the perfect moment arises.  Become rooted in the emanation of unconditional love so that you may be guided and provided for in all of your dreams and desires.