Welcome.  I will begin by saying that in my lifetime I have had zero interest in writing my thoughts down, but as you create and discover space inside of yourself, I recognize the importance of exploring the untapped and unexpected potential it bestows.  It has less to do with suddenly finding some new talent for writing, but more in believing that internal expansion brings insight and clear vision which becomes more easily accessible and shared.  Like uncoiling a garden hose.  (don’t worry the metaphors get better)
So much of my youth was spent watching my parents’ careful struggle with divorce, finances, jobs, abuse.  Their perseverance of it all was sometimes maintained by choosing  inaction, which was brought on by the fear of jostling the Jenga tower of life. I know this was to provide security for their nest.  “Not this time” became a popular phrase in our household.  It became less about financial security to 8 year old me, but instead took hold of a deeper understanding of myself as not being worthy of receiving.  It was never safe to receive.
What we forget is that things will fall apart.  It is the nature of life.  If we don’t let things fall apart, they can’t come back together.  We can’t get a clear view of our situation if we’re straining to keep it together.  We’re too busy trying to hold things together by those last few threads of security, of familiarity, to tap into the grace and unconditional love that is always available to us.  The universe is continuously demonstrating this.  The cycle of life depends on rebirth.  Have you ever seen a tree that is covered in dead leaves?
So how do we maintain our composure throughout all this?  It is the yoga that allows us to hold our seat.  It allows us to not be afraid of backing off from our growing pains. Yoga becomes the eye of our storm, rooting us to the center of it all.  It grants us the grace to move through and transcend the constant flux of the material world.  We are then held together by our connection to the universal consciousness inside ourselves.   Then we may sit and watch peacefully in the center of all the impermanence which cycles around us.  This is how we open to grace.
We are all worthy of this.  There is no need to feel stuck.  It is only the clenching onto the strings of security that keeps us stagnant and small and unworthy of change.  Now! It is “always this time”.  There is always a way.  Everyday is that rainy day you saved up for.  If you are making a decision based on fear, than look deeper to see what strings you’re holding onto that are keeping you from moving forward.