I won’t lie, I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed.  I felt like I had been wedged in between the mattress and the box spring while Jabba the Hut rested peacefully above me all night long.  Sick? No.  Hung over? No.  Jabba the Hut really spent the night?  I wish.
It’s been an emotional last couple of days for me. I started a life coaching workshop on Monday, where even before the first class we were asked to write about 18 different areas of our life and talk about our ideals, present situation and the gap between them.  As things started to come up, I took notice of myself, my behaviors, my habitual patterns, and by just taking notice things begin to shift.  It can feel shitty because it’s damn hard work to change old worn out patterns.  But feeling confident that I had conquered new ground, I found myself reaching out saying “I want more, I want to go further.”  I see my habits, I see the ways to make improvements and I want to check theses things off my list and get on to the next step.
It is so hard to be in the middle of a lesson.  The real reason I woke up in this bad mood was for not being in the present moment.  Instead of laying these key life lessons out on the table and applying them to my life and living in my new found expansion, all I wanted was to receive more;  like a spoiled little kid who received a toy for his birthday. Instead of taking it out of the box, I  just looked around the room for the next present to open.  Just because we intellectualize some revelation about our life, doesn’t mean we’re living it and doesn’t make us worthy of receiving the next.  Our true evolution depends on living in our inspiration.  Staying present means using all the gifts that we receive and not just searching for new ones; believe me, the universe knows the difference.  Play with your new toy.  Live your inspiration.  Not just for a day, or a week, and feel sad for not yet having something newer and shinier come your way.  Yes we live in a dispensable world.  Everything around us becomes so instantaneously outdated that we are are always looking to replace it with with something new.  It is not a grounded spiritual practice for evolution.  Get to know your life lessons.  Don’t just receive them, take them out of the box, play with them.  Get to know every part of them, inseparably carry them around with you under your arm like your favorite childhood Tickle Me Elmo doll.
Yoga is a dedicated and lifelong practice that requires steadfastness and focus.  You can’t keep changing your foundation for the latest and greatest, we need something solid and grounding.  The lesson for me was that whenever our wanderlust selves are desperately seeking inspiration, it is not because we need to sit and be content with being empty, but because we still have plenty to work.  Continue to return to the present moment and play with what you have already received.  Trust that when it’s time, a bright shiny package of inspiration will arrive on your doorstep.