An acting teacher of mine liked to remind us of what he called The Middle Class Agreement:  I’ll never be without food, clothing, or shelter and in return I’ll mind my place.  Never being seen as too big, or too imposing; always staying in line.  I won’t speak out of turn, I won’t shine, but I’ll always have just enough.
As you read this idea, you might think it sounds preposterous that our culture lives like that; we’re taught that each of us is unique and special.  But we each carry a piece of this other debilitating thinking around with us.  In school we’re taught to conform to the thinking of the institution.  At a job we are taught to conform to the workplace.  Media begs us to conform to popular ideas and trends.  As yogis, our practice gives us the capacity to be more receptive and more adaptive to our surroundings because we become more in tune with ourselves.  But looking more carefully, our surroundings have the ability to lower our expansive vibrations by trying to dutifully adapt.  We spend all this time on the mat cultivating this higher vibration inside our selves and then step out into the world thinking “How dare I shine brighter than everyone else”.  “How dare I take up more space”, “All of these people on the street are rude and imposing”, thus allowing all of these conformities to take precedence over the beautiful space and resonance we’ve manifested inside.  Our vibration is lowered.  It’s like showing up to a party looking your absolute best, only to discover that no one else is dressed as nicely.  You loosen your tie, take off the high heels, the hair comes down, you untuck your shirt, all because you didn’t want to stand out.
SHINE!  Raise the vibration!  It is our duty as well as our  blessing as yogis to raise it up.  We will always be met with   resistance, a drag, a lowly base vibration so much of the community generates, and it’s easy to think “what’s the point”.  Some people might take offense because they don’t feel as strong, or deserving enough to open to that divine power the we have ushered into our being.  It is our responsibility and our challenge to hold our focus, to hold still in our vibrational power.  Unconditional love will be the tool used to soften our judgement and our resistance to patience with those who struggle to raise their own.  We are the ones with the power to be the beacons of grace, being  mirrors for those who have not yet witnessed the potential inside themselves.  Never should we lessen our expansion to pacify our shadow selves. Be that force, that light, that presence, inspiring everyone to be their most radiant selves.  Our insecurities, fears, and doubts will dissolve by the sincere attention given to raising the vibration of our hearts.