Musical Theatre.  After twenty years of experience I have heard all the insults, jabs, and judgements passed on the art form that fueled the whole first chapter of my life.  “It’s so fake”, “it doesn’t make sense”, “it’s so cheesy”.  I will admit there are plenty of reasons those statements are valid, but one thing remains true; It’s not so far from reality as we think; people do sing in every day life.  It might not be Gershwin or the Rolling Stones, but when we are devoted to something from the depths of our soul our voices carry.  Our pitch gets higher, deeper, more resonate.  Song creates a vibration that is ineffably infused with our devotion.  That is why people sing in musicals.  To express their devotion to something when words alone can not express it.  When the only thing their devoted to is their costumes or the audience or their pay checks, we see right through it.  It’s like listening to people sing happy birthday and get caught up with how bad it sounds or how embarrassed they are to sing it in a large room.  It lacks the devotion to the person who’s birthday it is.  Yes it’s the worst song ever, but It doesn’t  have to sound like a death march.  We have all been in a room of devoted people who really want to wish someone a happy birthday, and that song comes alive, even off key, starting at different times, and somehow by the end everyone is together.  It’s joyous and filled with selfless devotion.  We must remain fortified with devotion to our highest selves, our inherent connection to the divine.  Are you devoted to your spouse?  Money?  Yourself?  Your job?  Your wardrobe?  Devotion to worldly things creates tension.  Devotion to that supreme love, that supreme pulse keeps us moving towards our highest reality.  Every time we settle, every time we feel the initial tug of change and retract, our devotion falters, devoured by our doubt in the ability to create our highest outcome.  So be led by your devotion to this highest self.  Not for an hour or a day or a subway ride, but feel the unceasing imminence of your maximum expansion.  Expansion is not a privilege, it is our divine legacy, outlasting even Mamma Mia.

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