We don’t have very much dirt in New York City. As grimy as this city sometimes looks, it’s not the earth, soil, nutrients which are essential to our existence; but it is here, buried far beneath the steel and tar and concrete. I just returned from one of the most profound experiences of my life where dirt takes on a whole new meaning. The Quechuan people of Peru are a culture who believes they receive everything from the earth, Pachamama. Just as plants are nourished by the soil, they believe all their gifts of living come from the earth, the mountains, and the rivers. It was destined I travel to this ancient place that felt such a connection to the earth; this had been my problem for the past three years: my first chakra, my muladara. My root, my foundation, my stability, and my flexibility has always been volatile. My fear attached to the stability of my home, my work, and my security kept me from feeling able to prosper in the manifestation of my dreams and experience all the things that I wanted to in life. I had been stuck worshiping the voice in my head saying “later, some other time, not you, you’re not worthy yet”. But through the utter magic in surrendering my will to grace, by releasing that voice in my head, by releasing attachment in my asana practice to achievement, and by repeating 108 everyday the mantra “I trust the process of life, All I need is always taken care of, I am safe”, I had been led to the one place in the world where people surrender their will to the earth. Their ancient knowledge of trusting and giving thanks to Pachamama, wills all they ask for to be provided. By allowing myself to trust the universe, I was shown how to trust the universe even more. The problem is half the time we don’t ask for what we really want. It’s some abbreviated, half truth that makes us feel safe or comfortable. The other half of the time the universe gifts it to us, but we won’t receive it because of our feelings of unworthiness. There are a thousand reasons why you’re stuck where you are, but none of them are worth keeping you where you are. These gifts from the earth come to us in the form of opportunities. I used to think of myself as a plant who wasn’t ready to be watered yet. It wasn’t the right season or the right climate, or there wouldn’t be enough sustenance to flourish. The truth carried by the Peruvian people who till the fertile soil of this magical place understand the power in honoring the earth. I have begun to dissolve these limiting thoughts. You are ready just by saying you are….the universe will take you by the hand and take you to what you want. When you look at how we live here, we are always trying to clean ourselves of dirt. We view being soiled as being dirty, unclean; earth is almost in the way of our perfect lives. We clear land to erect our own safety and and security when what we must do is remember what really nurtures us. Look past the concrete and tar and steel and make our gratitude for mother nature known. These people walk around with soil on their feet, and they don’t think of it as being dirty, they think of it as being one with nature. Allow Pachamama to take you to what you desire most.