Someone the other day was talking to me about our brain capacities and why we are so limited to using such a small percentage of it.  The main reason being that we only recognize what we know and what we recognize we don’t know.  Meaning, our brains make us think we don’t know only what we think we don’t know.  We know there’s a new store around the corner but just don’t know what’s inside it yet.  We know there are 8 more chapters left in this book, but don’t know yet what’s written on the pages.  So we are in a way, not so open to the idea of the unknown.  Think about when Galileo told everyone the earth was round.
Meditation/ yoga bridges the gap between our perceived unknown and the truly unknown.  As our concentration deepens, we begin to journey past our mental limitations which fills us with the potentiality for change.  Our narrow-minded thoughts begin to inevitably shift.  So without getting too heady (as this is not a blog on quantum physics) let’s get to the heart of it…….
What we are doing as yogis by trying to stay in the present moment isn’t just about clearing our thoughts, or being more present, it’s about keeping our minds open to the unknown.  By acknowledging our physical and mental limitations as being constricted by what we perceive we don’t know, we begin to move past it.  The more we open to this idea, the more room there is for growth, expansion, divine evolution.
How can we know best if we don’t know everything?    There is a humbleness which arises from the recognition  of our flawed perception.  Opening to the possibility that the unknown vastly surpasses our limited notion of it, leads us closer to seeing things as they truly are.  We are led in the right direction because we become pulled by our intention instead of our feeble logic.  This is why children are so free, they know they don’t know anything!  Reconnect to the instinct  that everything is possible.  What is all of this really?  Just the emanation of unconditional love.

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