Our essential nature is simple; we are already our highest selves.  Even if we choose to make decisions that don’t support that truth, our highest selves are still present.  We have eternal opportunities to align our vision with this.  All that is required is  our devotion to loving everything.
After having shared last week about the evil voice inside myself, I decided to spend the week listening very closely to where it was coming from.  Predicting fantastical negative outcomes for myself which rarely come true, sounds like an easy thing to manage. By simply reversing my thought patterns from psychic pessimist to fantasizing more positive possibilities, I control the problem.  It still wasn’t gone completely.  The biggest challenge for me was not proving this voice wrong, but listening to it without judgement.  Sitting with every juicy little detail it wanted to predict for my day and learning to love it instead.  By wrapping my arms around it in a big embrace it relinquishes it’s resistance.  By loving it, it tells its tale about how I must be ready for things to not work out.  I must have a backup plan because I’m not worthy enough to receive all the gifts that are waiting for me in this life.  I am scared of disappointment.  By finding and learning to embrace the root of the voice, I slowly disempower it’s resistance to love.
The most commonly held rule in improvisational comedy is simple; never say “no”, always use “Yes, and…”.  This is the only way the game keeps rolling.  Every time we find resistance within ourselves the game stops and the love stops.  There is no room, no space to evolve.  There is currently a commercial on TV that follows moments in a young boy’s life when he is given something.  Each time he  says “and…?”, and he is given something to make it even greater.  At first I though to myself how ungrateful or how  spoiled he was.  Really it is the voice inside that resists these good things from manifesting, limiting the abundance that I allow myself to inherit.
I beg you to listen to these fearful voices inside yourself and do not concede.  They are clouding your true nature.    If you have a thought in your head that is not coming from love do not usher it away or bury it in the depths of your body.  Listen to it fully and give it the compassion it needs to rest in peace.  You have worked hard to protect yourself and these voices  have put up a good fight.  They are disguising your ability to receive and give abundantly with ever so brilliantly rationalized fear. Add the love they need to let this fear dissolve. Love them to release them.  Love everything.  EVERYTHING.  Resistance cannot feed on love.  By saying yes, we allow for that untapped grace to flow effortlessly through us, guiding us to the illumination of our highest selves.